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During your stay, a bedside telephone is available for your use. Each telephone has its own number, which is printed on the telephone. You may receive incoming calls directly to your bedside telephone.


Local Calls - Local calls are free. To make a local call, dial 9 and the seven-digit telephone number.


Toll-free Calls - Toll-free calls are free. To make a toll-free call, dial 9 and then 1 and the 800, 888, 877, or 866 number.


Long Distance Calls - You may place a long distance call using the following billing methods:

  •   Credit card
  •   Calling card
  •   Bill to a third number
  •   Collect call

To use one of these methods, dial 9 then 0 and the 10-digit telephone number. Follow the voice prompts to complete your call. (You have the right to a rate quote prior to completing your call. Wait for the prompts after the tone and follow the directions.)


For the hearing and speech impaired

Telephone devices are available for patients who are deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired (TTY/TDD). If you require one of these devices, your nurse can coordinate delivery and installation.


Cell phones

Patients and visitors may bring their personal cellular phones with them to the hospital, but they are responsible for securing them at all times.  


Please help us to ensure the safety of our patients by turning off your cellular phone and not using it in patient care areas, including hallways and patient rooms.  Some cellular phones interfere with medical equipment.


You may safely use cellular phones in physicians' offices, administrative areas of the hospital and in the cafeteria. Thank you for your cooperation.