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Your Room

Your room has been professionally prepared by our custodial staff. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you need something that is not in your room, please ask a member of your care team.  They will do their best to accommodate any special needs you have.


Your hospital bed is narrower and higher than most beds at home. The side rails may be raised for your safety. Please do not try to lower the rails yourself or climb over them. Each bed has a call bell that you can press to call a nurse for assistance.


For your safety, please let your nurse know if you need to leave the unit for any reason. Be sure to wear slippers to protect yourself from falling or injuring your feet. If you did not bring slippers, we will be happy to provide you with a pair for your comfort.


We offer free wireless Internet access to patients and visitors at all of our Baystate Health locations.


We offer free cable television service to all of our patients, including:

  •   All local commercial stations
  •   General health information programming (ask your nurse for more information)
  •   Closed caption service on ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS channels (This may be activated by asking your nurse to page the Supervisor of Interpreter Services)
  •   Spanish-language programming plus Baystate's Newborn Spanish Channel available (in Wesson Women's units only)  
  •   Children's programming
  •   Video-on-Demand
  •   Radio programming


Healthcare grade televisions and programming provided by: