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Preparing for Your Hospital Stay

Whether you are coming to the hospital for an inpatient stay (as an overnight bed patient) or an outpatient (same day) procedure, there are certain things you should do to prepare to ensure that your stay is safe and effective.


Follow Instructions

Your physician or surgeon may give you instructions about what you may eat or medications you may take (or not take) in the hours before your procedure. It is very important to make sure you understand these instructions and follow them. Ask your physician's office for written instructions or a website you can visit that will remind you what you are supposed to do to prepare.


Whom to Bring with You

Some outpatient procedures will leave you a little unsteady, and the physician or hospital will require you to bring someone who can drive you home afterwards.  

Please do not bring small children with you to your appointment as there will be no one to supervise them while your procedure is underway.


What to Bring with You

Bring any paperwork that the doctor’s office has given you. Also, please bring the name and dosage of any medications you take. Be sure to inform us at admission if you have any allergies (to antibiotics, latex, common foods, etc.)


What to Wear

Before leaving home, be sure to bathe and remove all jewelry, contact lenses, make-up and nail polish. You may keep glasses and hearing aids on until the very last minute. Wear loose and comfortable clothing to make changing into a hospital gown easy.


When You Arrive

When you arrive at Baystate Medical Center, follow signs to the Daly Building. There is a garage directly across from the Daly entrance, and there is also free valet parking available at the entrance.  

There are desks in the Daly lobby where you can check in. Hospital staff will confirm your personal and insurance information. They will then instruct you where to go or turn you over to a volunteer who will escort you to wherever you should go.

When you arrive at the department where you are to receive care, nurses may take your temperature, listen to your heart and lungs, weigh you and/or ask questions before taking you to your room if you are an inpatient or to the waiting room for outpatient procedures.


Ask Questions

ASK questions of your surgeon, nurses and the people who book the surgery. Be sure you know what procedure will be done and why and how it will be done. Some departments, such as maternity and pediatrics, allow patients to tour their areas before admission so they will know what to expect. Call Baystate Health Link at 1-800-377-HEALTH for more information.


Make sure you know where to  come in the hospital and what time your are expected. Please arrive on time.