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Visitor Access to Patients in Wesson Women and Infants’ Unit.

At Baystate Medical Center, we have a secured entrance to our birthing units. This means that your visitors will use a telephone outside the entrance to speak to one of our staff before we open the door. There is also a television camera where we can view all visitors. 


Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but there may be times when we have to restrict visitors, especially during the flu season.


Health Safety

Everyone entering your room  should wash their hands by using the hand sanitizer by your door. Anyone not feeling well, who has a cold or who has been exposed to a communicable disease such as the flu, chicken pox, TB, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough or impetigo, should not visit you or your baby.


Your Partner and Other Children

We know how important it is to you to include your partner and family in your birthing experience. To give you and your baby the very best and safest experience possible, our staff may need to ask your family to leave your room for a period of time. Your family will be asked to wait in our waiting area and will be invited back into your room as soon as possible. We ask that you discuss this safety issue with your family as part of your birthing plan.

Partners are welcomed at any time during your labor, delivery or postpartum stay. A pull-out couch or cot is available in your room so your partner can stay overnight.  There is also a room service menu so you can all eat together.  

If you have other children, they are also welcome to visit with you and the baby in your room. We would encourage you to have them attend our free Sibling Class before you deliver. If you should desire to have them present at your birth, we ask that they attend our free Sibling at Birth Class. Register for the classes by calling Baystate Health Link: 413-794-2229.


More information for visitors to new mothers and babies at Baystate Medical Center.