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Children's Bill of Rights

In Baystate Children’s Hospital you and your family have the right to:


Respect and Personal Dignity

You are important.

We want to get to know you.
We will tell you who we are and we will call you by your name. We will take time to listen to you.
We won’t talk about you in your room or outside your door unless you know what is happening.
We will honor your privacy.


Care that Supports You and Your Family
You and your family are important.

We will work together to make you as safe and comfortable as possible.
All families are different. We want to learn about what ‘s important to you and your family.

There will be a place for a member of your family to spend the night with you or near you.


Emotional Support
When you are in Baystate Children’s Hospital, you might feel scared, mad, lonely, or sad. You can let people know how you feel. It is okay to cry or complain.

You can have your family with you as much as possible. When it is not possible, the people caring for your will explain why.
We can help you meet children and families with experiences like yours.
You can wear your own clothing most of the time and keep your special things with you.
You can talk or play with people who know how to help when you have questions or problems.
You can ask to be moved to another room if you are uncomfortable or unhappy.


Make Choices and Decisions
Your ideas and feelings about how you want to be cared for are important.
You can tell us how we can help you feel more comfortable.
You can tell us how you want to take part in your care.
You can make choices whenever possible. Sometimes you can decide when and where you get your treatments.


Information You Can Understand
We will explain things to you. We will speak in ways you can understand. You can ask about what is happening to you and why.
Someone who speaks your language will help explain things to you
Someone from you family can be with you when people are explaining things to you.


Quality Health Care
You will be taken care of by doctors, nurses, and other people who know about children and teenagers.

You have the right to know all the people who take care of you. You and your family can meet with them to plan what is best for you.
We will work with you and your family to make your stay as short and as comfortable as possible.