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Patient Amenities

Banking Services

For your banking needs, there is an ATM (automatic teller machine) located in each hospital.

Baystate Medical Center: on Daly 2, adjacent to the Cafeteria.

Baystate Franklin Medical Center: First floor adjacent to the main reception desk.

Baystate Mary Lane Hospital: First floor adjacent to the Access Services Department



Mail and flowers are delivered daily to our patients.


  • Mail
    • Our staff will be happy to send out your outgoing mail.
    • If mail arrives for you after your discharge, we will forward it to your home address.
  • Latex Balloons
    • Please remind your friends and family that due to the increasing dangers of potentially life-threatening allergic reactions to latex rubber, latex balloons are not permitted to be brought or delivered to our patients or staff.
    • Mylar balloons do not cause allergic reactions and are cheerfully accepted.

Ethics Committee

To serve our patients and their loved ones when a difficult ethical question arises about medical treatments or technology, Baystate Health offers the services of an Ethics Committee. The committee is made up of both hospital staff and community members with a special interest in health care ethics and quality of care. To request a case consultation:


  • Baystate Medical Center: 413-794-8665
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center: 413-773-2303
  • Baystate Mary Lane Hospital: 413-967-2225


Hair Care Services - Baystate Medical Center

Barber and hairdressing services are available to our patients on a request basis. To schedule an appointment with a barber, please call 737-8642. For a hairdresser, call 525-0875.



We offer free wireless Internet access to patients and visitors at all of our Baystate Health locations. ALT


Baystate Health employs bilingual medical interpreters to help translate information related to your care and treatment. We have interpreters available in many languages, and a Spanish translator available 24 hours a day on site. If you need a medical interpreter, we would be happy to assist you, your caregiver can make the necessary arrangements.  Learn more about Interpreter Services.


Patient & Guest Relations

We have on ongoing commitment to provide you with personalized service and the highest quality care. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your stay at a Baystate Hospital, or if you have suggestions for further improving our service, please call our Office of Patient & Guest Relations.  We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and resolve your concerns before you leave.


  • Baystate Medical Center: 413-794-5456
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center: contact your caregier
  • Baystate Mary Lane Hospital: 413-967-2150



For patients who would like to fill their prescriptions before leaving the hospital, there is a Baystate Pharmacy conveniently located at Baystate Medical Center on Daly 3 near the Gift Shop, and at in the lobby of 3300 Main Street for Ambulatory Care patients.


There is also a Lewis and Clark retail pharmacy in the Medical Office Building.


Baystate Franklin Medical Center and Baystate Mary Lane Hospital- There are no pharmacies for patients at these locations.  

  • In Greenfield, there are two retail pharmacies very convenient to BFMC:  Walgreens, 5 Pierce Street (Federal and Pierce Streets), and CVS (open 24 hours), 137 Federal Street.
  • In Ware, there is a CVS at 104 West Street and a Walgreens at 171 West Street.


Social Workers

Social workers are available to assist you with problems that arise during your hospitalization. They can counsel patients and their families regarding the difficulties caused by acute or chronic illnesses, make referrals to community agencies for support for you once you return home, and provide information regarding financial resources. 


  • Baystate Medical Center: 413-794-3264
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center: 413-773-2303
  • Baystate Mary Lane Hospital: 413-967-2225