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General Health Info

Good Places to Start | Environmental Hazards  | Resources in Multiple Languages | Videos


 Good Places to Start


eMedicine Health

eMedicineHealth is a first aid and consumer health information site written by physicians for patients and consumers.

Health information for the whole family from the American Academy of Family Physicians    



MedlinePlus is a compilation of multiple web health sites and offers authoritative, up-to-date health information, without advertisements, and is available anytime, anywhere for free.  Medline is a product of the National Library of Medicine.


Merck Manual of Medical Information – Home Edition

Explains disorders, who is likely to get them, their symptoms, how they're diagnosed, how they might be prevented, and how they can be treated; also provides information about prognosis


UpToDate for Patients

Learn more about a medical condition, better understand management and treatment options.  Written and reviewed by physicians.


 Environmental Hazards


Household Products Database

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this tool provides health and safety information on household products



From the National Library of Medicine, this educational resource outlines environmental hazards that you might find in a city, town, farm, port or the  U.S.-Mexico border.


 Resources in multiple languages


Consumer Health Information in Many Languages

Produced through a collaboration of the NN/LM Consumer Outreach Librarians, this resource lists health materials available in over 11 different languages


Healthy Roads Media

Health information in many languages and also many multimedia formats





Health and wellness videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Healthy Roads Media

Health information in many languages and also many multimedia formats


MedlinePlus - Surgery Videos


Medical & Health Slide Shows

Educational picture slideshows from eMedicine. Each slideshow covers a medical or health topic and includes images, illustrations, or pictures and summary information discussing the topic