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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery

MIS procedures often require no more than a quarter-inch to a half-inch incision.  The surgeon inserts miniaturized surgical instruments and a camera that projects images onto a video monitor in the operating room.  The surgeon works without literally "opening up" the patient.

Some of the MIS procedures performed at Baystate Medical Center include:


Check out this video on how Baystate doctors are using Minimally Invasive Surgery for Obstetrics/Gynecology.

Currently, Baystate Medical Center is the only site in Western Massachusetts where ophthalmology surgeons offer 25-gauge vitrectomy, a minimally invasive sutureless surgery that can help patients whose diabetes has taken a toll of their eyes.  Learn more...

Baystate also offers a one-year MIS Fellowship that offers an opportunity to acquire advanced MIS skills in all aspects of laparoscopy.