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The Patient Experience

As a total joint replacement patient at Baystate Medical Center, you will be cared for by a team of specially trained professionals, including your orthopedic surgeon, registered nurses, a clinical resource coordinator, and rehabilitation specialists. Thye will coordinate your care while you are hospitalized and follow up after you are discharged.


During the pre-operative education program, you'll be given a detailed description of the surgical procedure and learn more about the expectations for your length of stay, recovery, therapy, and pain management. You'll also learn abou the "Hotel Goodnight Program," which allows you and a support person to stay overnight as a guest at the medical center the night before your surgery.


Your surgery will be performed in one of our operating rooms which have special ultraviolet lighting. The operating team will be wearing body exhaust systems, know as "space suits," designed specifically to reduce the risk of infection and complications during total joint replacement procedures.


After your surgery, an anesthesiologist from Baystate's Acute Pain Service will work with you to ensure the greatest comfort possible while you recover and begin rehabilitation. Rehabilitation services begin the first day after your surgery. After discharge, most knee replacement patients return home with outpatient therapy. Hip replacement patients are typically transferred to an acute care facility for rehabilitation, and then return home for outpatient rehabilitation.