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Patient Testimonials

Barbara, 58


For nearly four years, Barbara Aspinwall, 58, of Windsor Locks, Connecticut, worked with her primary care physician to treat the declining mobility in her right hip. Finally, inspired by her physician's own success with a hip replacement performed by Richard Fingeroth, MD, she scheduled the surgery with Baystate Medical Center's Hip and Knee Replacement Program.

Given her age and level of activity (she and her husband own and operate Daley's Florist and Country Expressions in Windsor Locks), she was a good candidate for the ceramic bearing surfaces.  She underwent the hip replacement.  After less than two weeks on pain medication, Mrs. Aspinwall experienced little discomfort, only what she describes as "more a soreness than a pain." Just six weeks after surgery, she was walking with crutches three times a day in her neighborhood.


"The care from the staff in the program was excellent," Mrs. Aspinwall says. "I could not have asked for better care from them. Dr. Krushell came in every day while I was in the hospital. He was very sensitive to my condition and took time to listen. If I have to go back for the left hip, I won't hesitate to have it done again."



Paul, 57


Paul had bilateral total knee replacement at Baystate Medical Center, performed by Dr. Robert Krushell on October 23, 2006.


Prior to his surgery, Paul had been in pain for several years.  Forced to drag his left leg, he had difficulty walking.


After the surgery, Paul says he was "pain free" and back doing normal activities very soon.  In spring 2007 and well into the fall, he played "lots of golf."


"Life improved in 2007," says Paul, adding "Dr. Krushell treated me very well."