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Am I a Candidate for Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Do you find your flexibility and range of hip motion limited? Is your knee swollen with fluid? Or, do you find yourself limping on a regular basis? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a degenerative hip or knee joint — a condition which causes pain when placing weight on an affected area.


Relief from this pain may be obtained through a routine surgical procedure called total joint replacement. During the operation, skilled surgeons replace the diseased part of the joint with a new artificial part called an implant or prosthesis.

The board certified orthopedic surgeons at Baystate Medical Center's Total Joint Replacement program are experts in the diagnosis and non-surgical and surgical treatment of bone and joint pain.


What Should I Do Next?


Contact the Hip and Knee Replacement Program at 413-785-4666 or toll-free at 1-877-588-6367  to schedule an appointment with one of our specially trained orthopedic specialists.


One of our specialists will evaluate your full medical history. They might take x-rays to determine the extent of the degenerative process, and draw blood to rule out systematic arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis) or infection.