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Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel) Schedule of Services

The hospital Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel) is located on the third floor of the Wesson Building, across the hall from the entrance to Wesson 3. The space is open 24 hours every day to people of all faiths for prayer or meditation.






A prayer book in which you may write a prayer is located just inside the Spiritual and Interfaith Space.  The prayers are read aloud during services.


Holy Communion at the patient's bedside is available.  

  • For Roman Catholics,  volunteer Eucharistic Ministers distribute Holy Communion
  • For Protestants, communion is available on an individual basis.

Ask your medical staff caregiver to contact a chaplain at 4-2899 if you are interested in Holy Communion at your bedside.





 Type of Service



 Interfaith Meditation and Prayer

 Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel), Wesson 3

Monday through Friday at Noon, except first Friday of the month

 Roman Catholic Mass:

 Communion Services and Masses for Holy Days of Obligation

 Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel), Wesson 3

Noon - Sundays and first Fridays 
 Bilingual Interfaith Service (Spanish/English)

 Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel), Wesson 3

Noon - Mondays

 Muslim Friday Prayers

(Organized by Muslim employees)

 Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel), Wesson 3

1:00pm - Fridays
 Special Services

 Spiritual & Interfaith Space (Chapel), Wesson 3

As announced 


***A complete schedule is posted outside the Spiritual & Interfaith Space and on e-Workplace under "Events".