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Meet Our Team

Meet our NICU team


Neonatologists: You might also hear them referred to as "Attendings." These are children's doctors who have special training in the care and management of sick or premature babies. They will be making decisions regarding your baby.


Residents: Children's doctors who will be part of the team taking care of your baby.


Neonatal Nurse Practitioners: Registered nurses who have special training in the medical care of premature or sick babies.


Physician's Assistants: Professionals who have specialized training in the care of premature or sick babies so that they can perform many of the same tasks as the doctors.


Primary Nurses: Registered nurses who will work with you and coordinate other members of the team to care for your baby.


Clinical Nurse Manager: The head nurse in charge of all of the nursing functions of the NICU.


Respiratory Therapist: The person who takes care of the special breathing needs of your baby.


Technical Associates: (TAs) Trained staff people who assist the nurse with the care of your baby.


Case Managers: Registered nurses who will assist you in planning your infant's discharge.


Lactation Consultants: Nurses who have received specialized training to help breastfeeding mothers.


Neonatal Social Workers: Social workers who provides support and information to the families of the babies in the NICU and in the CCN.


Neonatal Nutritionists: Registered dietitians who are trained in children's nutrition, they watch your baby's growth and food intake.


Cuddlers: Volunteers, who work with the nursing staff to hold, feed and cuddle the babies in the CCN. They provide the tender loving care at the times when you can't be with your baby.


Pediatric Subspecialists: In some cases, your baby may need to see a physician who is trained in a specific area of pediatric medicine and who can help with your baby's specific problems:

  • Cardiologist: Heart
  • Endocrinologist:   Hormones
  • Gastroenterologist:  Feeding and growing
  • Hematologist Blood
  • Neurologist:  Brain and nervous system.
  • Nephrologist:  Kidneys
  • Ophthalmologist:  Eye exams and/or problems
  • Pulmonologist:  Breathing and lungs.