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Adolescent and Young Adult Unit


Who We Are and What We Do:

Our special eight bed Adolescent and Young Adult Unit is designed to better meet the needs of teenagers, young adults and their families. Here, patients get the special attention they need during those years when they are no longer children, but not quite adults either.


The teenagers hospitalized here are ages 15 to 21 years old. The teens and parent's Children’s Bill of Rights is in each room and describes ways for us to work together to make the patient and family's hospital stay a positive one.


The medical and nursing staff will work closely with teens and their families as a team to implement a plan of care. Family and patient input is expected and respected at all times. Private rooms are provided whenever possible. To promote understanding and respect for an adolescent’s independence, we encourage teens, when possible, to speak up about concerns they have about their plan of care.





Adolescent & Young Adult Unit
759 Chestnut Street
Springfield MA, 01199
Phone: 413-794-4310

Baystate Adolescent Medicine
140 High Street
Springfield MA, 01105
Phone: 413-794-0811
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