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Anatomic Pathology

This division of the laboratory is staffed by pathologists with a broad knowledge of general pathology, as well as subspecialty expertise in cytopathology, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, gynecological pathology, renal pathology, hematopathology, neuropathology, soft tissue pathology, hepatic pathology, pediatric pathology, breast pathology, pulmonary pathology, placental/fetal and perinatal pathology, genitourinary pathology and electron microscopy.

The laboratory provides routine and specialized Anatomic Pathology services and is divided into three sections:

  • Surgical Pathology
  • Cytopathology
  • Autopsy Pathology



Robert Goulart, MD, Medical Director
Roxanne Florence, MD, Associate Medical Director
Jackie Cao, MD, PhD, Director of Molecular Cytopathology
Christine Germain, CT(ASCP), Manager
Karen Russett, CT(ASCP), Senior Cytotechnologist
Maryanne Hornish, CT (ASCP), MBA, Compliance/Quality Assurance Cytotechnologist
Paula LaPolice, CT (ASCP), Education/Instructor Cytotechnologist

A large nationally recognized laboratory with a focus on clinically-oriented service and diagnostic excellence, education, and translational research, the Cytopathology Service of Baystate Health routinely handles a great depth of specimen types. Liquid-based gynecologic specimens (Pap tests) are fully computer-imaged utilizing the ThinPrep Imaging System, with four tests available on a single Pap specimen vial (Pap test morphologic review, HPV DNA testing, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia screening). Modern ancillary techniques are readily available, including immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, image analysis, and in-situ hybridization. 


Renal Pathology
Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, Ph.D., Director
Jonathan K. Freeman, MD

Only pathology group in Western Massachusetts that provides complete onsite modality services for the diagnostic interpretation of renal biopsies. We evalute close to 300 diagnostic renal biopsies annually, performed at Baystate and several other regional hospitals. The biopsies are a mix of challenging medical cases as well as transplant cases. The pathology group provides diagnostic services for the largest group of renal and transplant clinicians in Massachusetts.

Our services include:

  • Histologic light microscopy evaluation.
  • Transmission electron microscopy.
  • Standard immunofluorescent techniques.
  • High quality immunohistochemistry performed on site for evaluation for polyoma virus and lymphoproliferative disorders.
  • Evaluation of C4d staining for renal allograft rejections available both in immunofluorescent and immunohistochemical techniques.
  • Frozen section diagnosis of renal biopsies available for immediate preliminary diagnosis.
  • Evaluation of permanent sections and immunofluorescence available within 12-24 hours
  • Electron microscopy (most completed within three days).
  • Comprehensive reports that interpret all three modalities are available through our electronic information system throughout the medical system.

Electron Microscopy
Giovanna M. Crisi, MD, Ph.D., Director
Gretl Nunnemacher, Manager

Baystate Pathology Associates at Baystate Medical Center provides the only Electron Microscopy facility (EM) in Western MA and is equipped with an up-to-date EM laboratory, staffed by two highly experienced EM technicians with 60 years of combined experience at top level institutions. The services are used to study tissues at the ultrastuctural level, and provide essential information for the diagnosis of renal diseases, muscle diseases, ciliary abnormalities, metabolic disorders, microbial identification, skin diseases and tumor differentiation.

Hematopathology Services
Jonathan Freeman, MD, Director
Vandita Johari, MD, Pathologist

The Anatomic Hematopathology Service of Baystate Pathology Associates provides a comprehensive range of up to date, high quality diagnostic tests and services for the assessment of hematologic disease. Approximately 500 bone marrows and 300 lymph nodes and other non-marrow cases are interpreted annually. We perform all immunoperoxidase testing and interpretation onsite. We are also supported onsite by a high-quality flow cytometry lab for immunophenotyping, cytogenetics lab for karyotype analysis, and molecular diagnostics lab for PCR and FISH analysis.

Two board certified hematopathologists provide integrated diagnostic reports that are stored electronically and released as both a written report and incorporated into the patient's electronic medical record. Bone marrow biopsies are interpreted by a hematopathologists into a single comprehensive report synthesizing the interpretation of the core biopsy, clot prep, aspirate smears and peripheral blood smear. Additional studies such as immunoperoxidase stains and immunophenotyping are interpreted by the same hematopathologist and are incorporated into a single comprehensive report, with appropriate classification by WHO diagnostic criteria.