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Donor Egg Recipient Testimonials

Every woman who wants a child should be able to have one.  I have plenty of eggs and thought I could give some to someone else.  I felt like I gave them the world.  - Cynthia, mother of four, egg donor


There is nothing I can say - thank you just doesn't seem enough.  She could never know how much her gift meant to me. - Tammy, recipient


I knew the heartbreak of a relative who was infertile.  I was done having children and wanted to do something nice for someone else. - Teri, egg donor


I can never thank everyone enough for giving us our miracle baby.  - Mary, recipient


Thank you for helping to bring so much joy to our lives. -Julie, recipient


I love the fact I can make another family happy with something I'm not using. - Traci, repeat donor


It was a heart-warming experience.  It felt good to help others.  I felt I was well cared for and respected throughout the process.  -Kim, repeat donor


Seeing the joy of my friend who conceived with the help of a donor was touching.  Knowing I could do that for a family in need is exciting and an honor.  - Michelle, egg donor


We are forever grateful that there are people out there like the staff at Baystate Reproductive Medicine who are dedicated to this kind of work...who made it possible for us to be a family.


My husband and I were so lucky to conceive with our first cycle.


We could not ask for a more beautiful and healthy little boy. Thank you so very much! We owe you our smiles every day!


Thank you a thousand times over for helping bring us our wonderful little girl


Thank you for all of the help and hard work in making our dream come true!