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Egg Donor Qualifications

Women choose to donate their eggs for various reasons.  In many cases, the egg donor has a sincere desire to help infertile couples realize their dreams of having a baby. Compensation is provided to reimburse the donor’s time and expenses. All costs for the egg donor procedures are paid by the recipient couple. 


Egg Donor Requirements


Egg donors are young females who must meet specific requirements that vary from somewhat among different programs.  An egg donor must be a healthy woman between 21 and 33 years old who:

  • Has both ovaries 
  • Is a non-smoker 
  • Has a high school diploma 
  • Has a generally healthy family medical  history
  • Has a flexible work schedule for screening and donation process.
  • Body mass index < 30 kg/m2(not obese)
  • Day #3 FSH and antral follicle count showing good prognosis
  • Must meet FDA donor eligibility screening


Donors will meet with the Donor Egg nurse coordinator and a psychological counselor for screening and learn about the process before any decision is made to proceed.  Once matched with a recipient the donor will come in for education on medication and injection technique.  Once medications begin the donor is expected to come in for monitoring as required by the program. The retrieval procedure is done under light anesthesia and there is minimal discomfort.  The egg donation process poses a very low health risk for the egg donor.   All cycle expenses are paid by the recipient couple.