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Congratulations on your choice of breastfeeding as the source of nutrition for your baby!  The information on this site aims to make nursing successful, healthy and a meaningful bonding experience for you and your infant.


Baystate Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital and Women’s Services offer an extensive lactation program that includes six registered nurse lactation consultants and many resources to provide you the education and confidence to create a successful breastfeeding experience.


A lactation consultant is a trained and certified breastfeeding specialist who is available to help mothers breastfeed their babies in normal and in challenging situations.


For many mothers, breastfeeding is easy and enjoyable right from the start, but for others there may be a few challenges.   Breastfeeding may be a natural function, but it does not always come naturally for the mother or the infant.  Our experts can help you learn quickly how to make it into a healthful and emotionally rewarding experience for you and your baby.  Breastfeeding challenges are not impossible to overcome with the professional and compassionate help that you will receive at Baystate Medical Center.


Working closely with a wide variety of health care team members, our lactation consultants care for breastfeeding families facing a wide range of issues: