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Programs and Classes for Expecting Parents and Families



We offer classes in the following categories for first-time and experienced expectant parents, parents of newborns, grandparents and siblings:


We believe that the more you know about what is happening to you, your body, and your baby, the more comfortable and happier you’ll feel. Childbirth is not only a special event, it is also a chance for you and your family to learn and grow together. Also, studies show that 9 out of 10 mothers say classes give them a better understanding of their childbirth options, and more than 3 out of 4 say they feel more confident in their ability to give birth after they’ve taken childbirth classes (American Baby - CBE Reporter, Winter 2008).


In this day of internet and television education, you may wonder if taking classes is still necessary. But TV and the internet may not provide the most current and accurate information, or address your particular questions and concerns, especially about giving birth at Baystate. Classes provide you the opportunity to ask questions and practice what you learn. You’ll be able to meet and learn from other expectant parents. Partners also benefit from classes as they will learn how they can help during pregnancy, labor, and after the baby is born. Our classes are taught by experienced, nationally certified instructors. They have up-to-date knowledge to share and the ability to make learning fun.


Our fees are reasonable; we even offer several free classes and tours. Some insurance companies reimburse part or all of the childbirth preparation course fee. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.


Because some classes are only held bi-monthly and fill up fast, we encourage all expectant parents to register for classes in their 4th month of pregnancy. Classes are offered Sunday through Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.


The Parent Education Departments of Baystate Health want to meet your needs and interests. 


Baystate's New Beginnings Program


The Baystate’s New Beginnings program is a multi-tiered approach to support parents and educate them about realistic expectations of the newborn period. A Parent Educator is present on the post-partum floors seven days a week to round on the patients who delivered 24-48 hours before. The patient is greeted and given the gift of the Baystate’s New Beginnings Guide with the option of adding baby’s footprints as a keepsake. Within this guide are entries designed to provide daily and weekly education as the new parents make their way through the challenging newborn period. The guide is a “whole family” approach, with information specific to newborns, the recovering post-partum mother, and her partner.

In conjunction with the inpatient program, educators call each family after discharge to ensure that they are doing well at home. They answer any questions that the mom or her partner may have and invite new parents to attend our Baystate’s New Beginnings, Continuing the Magic group or any one of the other Baystate sponsored parenting and breastfeeding gatherings. During the Baystate’s New Beginnings, Continuing the magic gathering, the educators provide support and hands on tips to help new parents navigate the first three months at home with a new baby. The parents receive concrete examples of how to read their babies cues, how to soothe their babies, and learn to identify their babies changing states of sleep.

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For more information:

Call 413-794-BABY (794-2229) to learn about new offerings.