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Leadership Team

Vice President, Medical Director Heart & Vascular, Chief of Cardiology Aaron Kugelmass, MD
Chief of Cardiac Surgery John Rousou, MD
Chief of Vascular Surgery Neal Hadro, MD
Vice President, Heart & Vascular, Neurosciences and Rehabilitation Betty Larue, MN, RN,
Vice Chair, Cardiology Amir Lotfi, MD
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Gregory Giugliano, MD, SM

Corey McKinstry, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Manager

Director, Heart & Vascular Invasive Service Laura Currie, MS, RN
Director, Heart & Vascular Ambulatory Services Jeannine Benoit, RN
Endovascular Surgical Suites Sheila Janocha, RN, Manager
 CARE Unit Kimberly Gamache, RN, Manager
Cardiac Electrocardiography (EKG) Laboratory James R. Cook, MD, MPH, Medical Director
Josephine Pellegrini, Manager EKG & Holter
Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory James R. Cook, MD, MPH, Medical Director
Patty Landry, BSN RN, Manager of Electrophysiology Laboratory
Cardiac Rehabilitation & Wellness

Quinn Pack, MD, Medical Director

Robert Berry,MS, RCEP, Manager

Cardiology Research Gregory Giugliano, MD, SM
Cardiology Fellowship Programs

Lora Fillion, Education Coordinator
Mara T. Slawsky MD, PhD, Program Director, General Cardiology

Ashequl Islam, MD, MPH Program Director, Interventional Cardiology
Mathias Stoenescu, MD Program Director, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

Advanced Heart Failure Program Mara T. Slawsky, MD, PhD, Medical Director
Non-Invasive Cardiology Services Leng Jiang, MD, Medical Director
Heart and Vascular Quality & Outcomes Manager Debra Abel, MS, RN
CCU/CICU Eileen Grunwald, MS, RN, Manager
MM5 Mary Buttitta, RN, Manager
MM6 Lisa Naglack, RN, BSN, Manager
MM7 Carlo Reale, BSBA, RN, Manager