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Inpatient Intensive Care Services

For patients needing hospitalization for respiratory care or testing we have Respiratory Care Units Baystate Medical Center, Baystate Children's Hospital, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, and Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.


Respiratory Care Units, including BMC's Respiratory Intermediate Care Program (RICP) provides specialized respiratory care in a supportive environment.  Many of the patients admitted to the RICP are on breathing machines, also called a ventilator.  Each patient room has been designed to meet the patients monitoring and care needs.


Many of the patients in RICP have been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  When a patient is transferred out of the ICU to the RICP it is because the patient is ready for the next step.  The RICP serves as a transition area for patients who are ready to begin weaning from the ventilator and start the first steps toward rehabilitation.


The registered nurses and staff who work with patients on this unit have received extensive education in respiratory problems and their treatment.  Patients with other medical conditions may also be admitted to this unit


Members of the team may include:  Attending Physician, Pulmonologist, Resident Teaching Team, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Hospital Case Manager, Dietician, Physical and/or Occupational Therapist, Pulmonary Rehab Nurse, Speech Therapist, Pharmacist and Spiritual Services.  The goal of our care team is to help the patient to reach their best lung function.