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Cancer Care at Baystate Franklin Medical Center

Affiliated with the Baystate Regional Cancer Program, Baystate Franklin Medical Center's local comprehensive cancer program provides access to the most up-to-date cancer care, including national research protocols through our medical staff and oncology specialists. Our program was awarded an outstanding achievement ranking by the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) in 2005, and received approval for another three years. Outstanding achievement is reserved for approximately 20% of all approved programs, and reflects that Baystate Franklin Medical Center has exceeded ACOS standards in all areas.


Operating primarily on an outpatient basis, our specially-trained oncology nurses and social worker provide both physical and psychological support for cancer patients and their families. This care includes digital mammography, evaluation, diagnostics, therapeutic intervention, chemotherapy, cancer support groups, community-based public education programs, and counseling.


Through our association with Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, radiation oncologists are available at BFMC to provide consultation and follow-up appointments on Wednesday mornings. In addition, for those patients requiring radiation oncology at Baystate, a comfortable 15-passenger courtesy van is available daily to provide free transportation from Baystate Franklin Medical Center.


  • Two Springfield-based Radiation Oncologists, Dr. Michael Yunes and Dr. Thomas Napier, alternate weeks to come to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center’s Oncology Clinic to see patients for new consultations and to offer follow-up care while working alongside our medical oncologists.
  • Baystate’s radiation oncologists participate in multiple conferences with other physicians at both Baystate Franklin Medical Center and Baystate Medical Center to discuss breast, lung, esophagus, brain, stomach, pancreas, colon, and pediatric cancers. These conferences are attended by your Baystate Franklin Medical Center oncologist and surgeon, as well as the Baystate radiation oncologists where your case can be presented and discussed to develop
    a joint treatment plan. This partnership results in you having more expert opinions for your treatment and a higher level of coordinated care.
  • The Baystate Franklin Medical Center oncologists, Dr. John McCann and Dr. Deborah Katz, spend the majority of their week at the D’Amour Cancer Center and are readily available to discuss your situation with your radiation doctors.


A full description of Baystate Franklin Medical Center's oncology program is summarized in their 2014 Annual Report.   For more information, call 413-773-2251.