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Directed Blood Donations

The BMC Blood Donor Center offers special programs that allow individuals to donate blood for a particular use:

The Directed Blood Donor Program is for those who expect to receive blood transfusions and want to select their own donors.

This enables inidividuals to return the blood they receive to the community blood supply.
It also allows donors to:

  • Aid the treatment and recovery of a family member or friend.
  • Honor someone's recovery or memory.


Autologous Blood Donation enables individuals slated to receive blood transfusions to donate their own bood in advance for use in their surgery or medical treatment. See your doctor to learn whether or not you are a candidate for autologous blood donation.

For more information about participating in either of these programs, call the Blood Donor Program at 413-794-4600 or speak to your physician. Ask for a Directed Donor Packet that has all the information you will need.