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Obstetric Anesthesia

Anesthesia services for obstetrics at Baystate Health are provided by a minimum of two anesthesia personnel, one being an attending anesthesiologist dedicated to the labor and delivery unit 24 hours a day. Nearly 70% of all patients delivering at Baystate receive an anesthetic. 


The goal of labor analgesia at Baystate Health is to provide pain relief with as little effect on normal labor and the baby as possible. 


"Epidural" analgesia is often used to relieve pain during vaginal births. Obstetricians and anesthesiologists have responded to the desires of our patients and are pleased to announce that patient-controlled epidural anesthesia (PCEA) is now available during labor, giving women more control over their own pain management, and alleviating anxiety throughout the process.


"Spinal" anesthesia may be required if a Cesarean section is necessary. Most Cesarean deliveries are done with spinal or epidural anesthesia; however in some cases, a general anesthetic (mother is completely asleep) may be required.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding obstetric anesthesia, please contact us to speak with an Obstetric Anesthesiologist: 

  • Baystate Medical Center:(413) 794-3520
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center: (413) 773-2359 
  • Baystate Mary Lane Hospital: (413) 967-6211


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