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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for you to make a difference as a volunteer at Baystate Medical Center and other Springfield based entities. This is a brief listing of some of the current areas that might have volunteer vacancies.  Other possibilities may be discussed during the interview session. This listing will be updated from time to time.


Volunteering with infants or children
There are several areas within the Children’s Hospital and Women’s Services where volunteers are utilized.

Pediatric Specialty Programs:

College students, majoring in Child Life, Child Development, Early Childhood or Elementary Education or those currently working in or retired from these fields are encouraged to apply. However, anyone interested in playing or providing arts and crafts to children or interacting with anxious parents are welcome to apply. Please note that our Pediatric programs are very popular and open positions may not always be available.

Pedi Pals: Both teen (at least 15 years old) and adults are welcome to apply to this program which involves comforting and playing with sick children aged infancy through school age in our inpatient setting. Applicants will be interviewed and selected by one of our Child Life Specialists on the Pediatric unit. Make sure to mention that you are interested in volunteering with children when you set up an interview appointment.

Pediatric ER: Our Pediatric ER takes qualified college students and other adults (18 years and older and not in high school) who have the ability and sensitivity to work in an Emergency Room. Selected volunteers must have background experience working with or caring for children and able to handle the stressful environment of an emergency room setting. Applicants will be interviewed and selected by one of our Child Life Specialists from the Pediatric E.R.

Outpatient Pediatric Specialty Center on Wason Avenue: Children who receive care for diabetes, seizure disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and numerous other specialties are treated in this facility. Volunteers provide play opportunities and diversion to children as they and their parents wait for admission to treatment rooms. You may also provide one-on-one play for children who need to stay for longer treatments. The goal is to create a peaceful, welcoming environment and a “fond farewell” when the child and family leave the clinic. College students and adults are needed for this area. Applicants for this area will be asked to complete a written questionnaire submitted to the supervising Child Life Specialist for review.

Baby Buddies: Applicants ages 18 years (and out of high school) and older may apply to volunteer in our newborn nurseries. Openings are very limited.Those who might want to volunteer in this area should have other areas in mind as a second choice.

Cuddlers: Applicants ages 18 years and older (and out of high school) may apply to volunteer in our Neonatal Intensive Care and Continuing Care Units. Volunteers rock, feed and comfort babies who have had a challenging time after their birth. Volunteers must show sensitivity and understanding of the special care needed for these infants. Recruitment for these volunteers is usually no more than once a year. Recruitment is complete for Spring - Summer 2015. Please contact us in mid-to-late August as we will be interviewing for this program in September 2015.


Information Desk and Escort Volunteers

We need volunteers who enjoy helping people and are physically able to walk unassisted for long distances. Volunteers will be stationed at the information desks in the Daly Lobby (main entrance to the hospital) and the Wesson Women's Lobby.  These volunteers are expected to escort patients and visitors throughout the hospital. These volunteers will also be expected to push people in wheelchairs when needed. Information Desk volunteers are some of the first people that patients and visitors meet when entering the hospital and therefore need to possess excellent customer service skills. Teens, as well as adults, are welcome to apply for these positions.


Emergency Room Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families in our Adult ER. Given the Level One Trauma Center status of our ER, we recruit primarily undergrad or graduate students majoring in pre-med or nursing or those in Physician Assistance programs. Other interested adults who want to help our patients and families and feel comfortable in a fast paced and often emotionally charged environment are also welcome to apply.


Nursing Unit Volunteers

Various inpatient nursing units are looking for volunteers to help make the patient’s stay a positive and safe experience.  As part of the patient care team, volunteers will interact with patients and their visitors and support the units’ goals of keeping patients safe and comfortable. Volunteers will play a key role in making the difference between a good hospital stay and an excellent experience. These volunteers can be teens or adults but must have a very outgoing personality with the ability to follow directions, act independently (once oriented to the unit) and be very observant. These volunteers will need to be able to stand for periods of time and independently navigate the nursing unit in a safe and efficient manner.


Chestnut Surgical Center and Endoscopy Suite

The Chestnut Surgical and Endoscopy Suites are used for patients having minor surgery or medical procedures that require monitored sedation. Most patients come in for their procedure and are discharged a few hours later. Volunteers are needed to help escort patients at time of discharge as well as assist nursing staff with other duties within the suites. We have openings for teens (4-7pm) as well as adults, mornings, afternoons and early evening. Volunteers must be physically able to push patients in wheelchairs for an extended distance as well as tolerate being on their feet for long periods of time. 


Chestnut Reception Area

Volunteers are needed to greet patients and visitors on the 2nd level of the Chestnut Surgery Center.  They will answer phones and communicate with the nurses in the various surgical suites. Volunteers will assist with basic clerical tasks including patient check in. Volunteers for this area must have tact and an outgoing personality. They must be able to push patients in wheelchairs and physically navigate the department without assistance.


Office Volunteers

We have a few areas that are in need of volunteers who have good office skills. Office settings may require volunteers who will do some data entry, make phone calls, help with filing and office organization. Some assignments are located at the main hospital and others are located within the greater Springfield area.  


Family Waiting Rooms

We have 3 family waiting rooms in need of volunteers.

  • Our Surgical Family Waiting Room is looking for early risers (Monday – Friday) to cover the early morning shift: 6am-9am. Volunteers in the surgical family waiting room also escort family members to the recovery room when requested.
  • Our Intensive Care Waiting Room is looking for volunteers who can cover 4 hour shifts from 10am-6pm. We cannot use teen volunteers in this waiting room due to the critical status of patients in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Our Heart and Vascular Critical Care Unit is looking for volunteers to assist in their waiting room as well as assisting families when they are on the unit. Volunteers are most needed for morning, afternoon and early evening shifts. We cannot accommodate teens in this position given the critical status of the patients in this area.


Waiting room volunteers spend time with families in the waiting rooms providing support and general information as needed. In general, these volunteers must be able to walk long distances, use tact and courtesy when interacting with people and be very outgoing and understanding of the stress level the families are under in these areas.


Health Information Management Volunteers

The medical records department in our Holyoke location is looking for volunteers to help with filing and other basic clerical duties. Hours can be very flexible here, weekends and evenings included. Volunteers can sit and stand as needed and must be able to lift up to 5 pounds. 


Transport Volunteers

We are looking for teens for after school assignments in this area. Transport volunteers assist the transport team in locating and distributing wheel chairs, stretchers and other pieces of equipment throughout the hospital. They also help to discharge patients once the patient is seated in a wheelchair and ready to leave their hospital unit. Volunteers should have outgoing personalities and must be physically able to push equipment and patients in wheelchairs and walk unassisted for long distances.


Cafeteria host and hostess
Volunteers are needed to assist diners in our hospital’s main café. This placement consists of helping to clear tables once vacated, offer to take trays and dispose of them for people needing assistance (this may include the elderly) and insuring that the overall seating area looks clean and organized. Volunteers may also assist visitors by giving out directions to patient floors or the main lobby.