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What is QUEST?  QUEST is a dynamic program focused on Quality, Efficiency, and Safety, with Transparency that will assist hospitals and healthcare systems in driving healthcare to new levels of performance.  


This program helps to accelerate the improvement of American healthcare cost and quality.  When the QUEST project was launched late in 2008, Baystate Medical Center signed on as a charter member and has continued to be an active participant.  Participating hospitals cooperate and collaborate to share and learn better practices, become the best in all dimensions of care, and learn adoption strategies to achieve reliable results – and thus, will become industry leaders who succeed to differentiate the quality of their services in local markets and across the nation.  Sponsored by Premier Inc. and built on the success of the Premier/CMS Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration (HQID), the QUEST program seeks to develop the next generation of quality, safety and cost metrics with a consistency and standardization that does not exist today.  


Focus areas are clinical effectiveness (delivering appropriate care to every patient at the right time the first time), reducing mortality, containing costs, reducing harm as a result of the healthcare system, patient satisfaction, and reducing readmissions.  Knowledge transfer is achieved through various methods, such as teleconferences, web-ex conferencing, sprints, collaboratives, and face-to-face meetings, knowing that hospitals’ sharing their work is one of the most effective ways to improve care and redesign processes.  BMC has not only learned but has shared innovative projects, many of which resulted in BMC being recognized as a QUEST Charter Hospital top performer. 


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