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Getting Boards on Board

What is a Board of Trustees?  The Board of Trustees (BOT) is a body of elected or appointed members who oversee the activities of a company or organization, ensuring that the core values and purposes of the organization are reflected in the operation process.


The BH Board is committed to the following five core activities:

  • Establish the mission, vision and strategy for communicating the direction of the organization to all stakeholders.


  • Build the foundation of an effective leadership system by choosing, developing and aligning a capable transformative leadership team.


  • Build will in the form of commitment to make measurable systematic improvement.


  • Ensure access to ideas and innovation so the organization has available designs and concepts that are superior to the status quo.


  • Attend relentlessly to execution so that improvements are integrated into daily work, ensuring that better results are effective, sustained and spread.




The Baystate Health (BH) Board maintains literacy in healthcare quality and patient safety.  The Board is educated continuously on healthcare quality and patient safety.  Every Board meeting’s agenda begins with quality where data on outcomes and patient experiences are heard.  Patient stories are shared with an emphasis on how our system can eliminate harm caused to patients.


The use of a balanced dashboard to openly monitor key measures of quality and safety is used and cascades down to the nursing unit level.  The dashboard template has now become well integrated and is used for quarterly reporting to enable us to trend all aspects of performance over time.


The Board has designated a Board Quality Committee (BHQC) to provide detailed oversight over quality and patient safety for BH.  This Committee is made up of clinicians, experts in healthcare quality and Board members.  The BHQC evaluates the care of our patients and promotes continued improvement.


For more information on Quality at Baystate Health