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Access to Care

The Baystate Medical Practices are committed to providing quality healthcare to patients when they need it. Our goal is to improve access to care for our patients in order to meet their needs. 


We know that when patients are sick they can't wait to be seen, so we are committed to seeing ill patients the same day or within 24 hours of their call. 


How long is the wait for patients who need physicals, routine exams, or return visits to be seen?  At Baystate Medical Practices, we use the “3rd Next Available Appointment” approach; it is used internationally as the accepted standard for measuring appointment access.  At BMP, we are committed to providing current as well as new patients with an appointment for routine care within 2 weeks. 


Why don't we use the first or second available appointments?  Typically, the first and second available appointments are often due to last minute cancellations, or practices “working” patients into the schedule.  This really isn’t a true measure of how quickly a practice can see patients.  The 3rd Next Available Appointment approach best represents the true appointment wait time.   Currently 63% of the primary care and specialty practices have 3rd Next Available appointments for a new patient in less than 14 days.



At Baystate Medical Practices, we have: 

  • flexible appointment schedules;
  • after-hours care during the evenings and on weekends at selected locations;
  • cross coverage with another healthcare provider if the patient's primary healthcare provider is not available.


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