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Health Information & Public Service Announcements

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Hand-Washing
December 08, 2011: Winter is almost upon us, and with it, the tendency for people to stay indoors where germs and viruses can easily move from victim to victim. The single most important thing you can do to prevent flu, colds, and many other infectious diseases is to wash your hands with soap and water. It’s also the most inexpensive deterrent.
Smart and Safe Snow Removal
December 07, 2011: Ware, MA (December 7, 2011) - With winter now upon us, soon many will be shoveling snow to clear their sidewalks and driveways. While most people recognize that snow shoveling is very hard work, and can put severe stress on your heart, fewer people recognize the stress and strain that it also places on your back.
Maintain your health during the Holiday Season
December 06, 2011: With the holiday season upon us, it is important to continue to monitor our health, especially with the stress of holiday shopping and all its activities.
Managing Your Grief During the Holidays
November 22, 2011: Managing Your Grief During the Holidays Tips for dealing with that first holiday period without a loved one GREENFIELD – At this time of year, a common question from individuals who are experiencing grief is, “How will I get through the holidays?”
Healthy Holiday Eating for Diabetics
November 02, 2011: Tips for People with Diabetes and Others Trying To Eat Healthy During the Holiday Season - The Holiday season, it is quickly approaching. Many diabetics look ahead to the holiday season with mixed feelings, so much great food, but so many diet restrictions.
Carbon Monoxide –Prevent CO poisoning by following a few life-saving tips
November 02, 2011: The surprise Nor’easter and freezing cold weather that blanketed western Massachusetts, leaving many without power and living in cold homes for days, serves as a reminder of the risks of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning when trying to keep warm.
Carbon monoxide – the silent winter killer
November 01, 2011: Prevention tips to keep you safe
Drowsy driving may be symptom of sleep disorder
October 28, 2011: Nov. 6-12 is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week
Children need flu vaccines too
October 07, 2011: Pediatrician offer expert advise about how to protect children against the flu
Restorative yoga classes to benefit breast cancer patients
September 28, 2011: An eight-week restorative yoga class, designed for breast cancer patients will be held on Wednesday evenings beginning October 12 and continue through December 7, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Classes will be held at The Centered Place Yoga Studio, located at 286 Bridge Street in Warren, and will be taught by co-owner, Nancy Nowak, R.Y.T., certified and registered yoga teacher and yoga therapist.
The Truth About PMS
September 01, 2011: Dyanne Tappin, MD, obstetrician/gynecologist at Baystate Medical Practices-Mary Lane OB/Gyn providing a full range of gynecological and obstetric care to women of all ages shares expert advise on PMS and PMDD.
Challenges, Opportunities Abound in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity
August 04, 2011: The figures are out and they’re not good. Obesity is on the rise in America in both adults and children.
Pregnancy and the Heat – A Prescription for Trouble
July 22, 2011: Tips for pregnant women during the summer. While many look forward to and enjoy the few short months of summer, it’s often a different story for those moms-to-be suffering through the sweltering high temperatures of the summer.
Helping Families Move Toward a Healthy Life
July 14, 2011: Childhood overweight and obesity is a significant health problem facing families today. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the problem and don’t know where to start.
Exercise Tips That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol
July 08, 2011: There's a link between exercise and your cholesterol levels. Clinical Laboratory Scientist and avid runner John Olinski offers tips on how to lower your Cholesterol.
Hot Weather and Vehicles Can be a Deadly Combo for Kids
July 05, 2011: Record number of 2010 deaths demands expanded educational efforts. Learn what you can do from Safe Kids of Western Mass headquartered at BMC.
Common summer window accidents have already taken place around New England
July 05, 2011: Safe Kids of Western Mass. Teams Up with Trauma Surgeons from BMC to Offer Window Safety Tips
Beating the Heat
July 01, 2011: Baystate Medical Center Emergency Department Physician Offers Heat Safety Tips
Protect Yourself from Dangerous Lightning
July 01, 2011: BMC Emergency Department Physician Offers Lightning Safety Tips
Cycling Health and Safety Tips Offered by Physical Therapist
June 27, 2011: Peter Ouellette, DPT, MEd, OCS, Physical Therapist and Manager of Rehabilitation Services at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital, also a seasoned athlete, shares his passion for the sport of cycling and some expert advice on how to cycle safely and avoid injures. 
Warm Summer Weather Increases Symptoms for Young Asthma Patients
June 27, 2011: Tips from a Baystate Children’s Hospital pediatricianto keep children's asthma in check
Household Cleaning Tips for Those with Lung Ailments
March 29, 2011: BaystateMedical Centerrespiratory therapist offers help for navigating the hazards of spring cleaning
Certified Diabetes Education offered at BMLH
March 25, 2011: To address the community’s needs, experienced Certified Diabetes Educators from the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes at Baystate Medical Center are now providing outpatient counseling services at BMLH, certified by the American Diabetes Association.
Diabetes Support Group meets monthly at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital
February 28, 2011: Diabetes support group meets the first Wednesday of every month 5 pm to 6 pm in the main conference room on the second floor of BMLH.
BFMC Dietitian Gives Advice on Maintaining Healthy Weight 
January 21, 2011: For Healthy Weight Week, Jan. 16–22, Cheryl Pelland-Lak, RD, Baystate Health dietitian, offers advice to help people of all sizes to live actively, eat well and feel good about themselves.
Men, Check Your Engines for a Healthy New Year  
January 14, 2011: Quabbin Adult Medicine medical director urges men to schedule their annual physical for the new year.
Girl Talk, When to Make That First Gyn Visit
January 03, 2011: Mary Lane OB/GYN physicians recommend annual visits for young women 13 and up.
Dealing with Grief during Holidays
December 06, 2010: BMLH social worker offers advice for the bereaved during the winter holidays.
Use medications safely by being “MedWise”
October 08, 2010: October is National Talk About Prescriptions Month
There’s plenty of living left as you grow older
August 25, 2010: Tips for healthy aging and keeping a positive outlook on life
BFMC Offers Interactive Diabetes Education Classes
August 20, 2010: Interactive classes taught by Judy Kuzdeba, diabetes educator, are based on the Diabetes Conversation Maps program.
Making sense of medical studies reported in the news
August 18, 2010: Baystate physician offers advice on deciphering information overload
When a bump on the noggin should be cause for concern
July 27, 2010: Guidance for parents on making sense of head injuries
Knowing Your Risk for Having a Stroke is Your First Line of Defense
June 07, 2010: Knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke enables you to take action fast should one occur.
There’s a time and place for everything, but not while driving
May 11, 2010: Dr. Ronald Gross, Baystate Medical Center Trauma Chief, offers distracted driving safety tips.
Visiting Patients in the Hospital
December 23, 2009: Baystate Franklin Medical Center volunteer chaplains share some thoughts on how to make a hospital visit positive and effective.
Be aware of the signs of bullying
April 17, 2009: Baystate Children’s Hospital offers tips for concerned parents.
BFMC Offers Support Group for Women with Heart Disease
July 25, 2008: A new BFMC support group, "Heart to Heart - a Support Group for Women with Heart Disease," will meet on the third Tuesday of each month, from 4:30 - 6 pm, in Conference Room A at BFMC. It aims to provide mutual support, motivation to continue healthy behaviors, and education on heart health.