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SNAPSHOT - Jeffrey Gutterman, MD

December 17, 2012

Michelle Holmgren, Public Affairs & Community Relations Specialist
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December 17, 2012

SNAP SHOT - Jeffrey Gutterman, MD
Board-certified in Emergency Medicine – Baystate Mary Lane Hospital ER

How long you been an emergency room physician at BMLH? I have been an emergency room physician with BMLH ER for over 12 years working nights from the start.

Why did you become an emergency room physician? I grew up in a health care family. I certainly felt that I too wanted to help others but I also wanted a broad area of practice which I found in Emergency Medicine. It is a specialty that for me is quite dynamic and often provides more immediate results.

How did you come to work the night shift? I started the night shift from my first "night" at BMLH. This has given me the opportunity to have some scheduling flexibility. I've been able to take the time to personally renovate my home with my wife over a few years and to also be very involved in the day to day rearing of our daughter.

What do you like best about working nights? The camaraderie of all of the hospital staff who work the night shift at BMLH. I appreciate that most patients that come in at night are often quite scared and really rely on all of us to help them out with whatever medical dilemma they may be facing.

Who is on your team at the hospital? The true full team, which includes the nurses and support staff in the Emergency Room, also involves our laboratory and radiology technicians, respiratory therapists, our night nursing supervisor, the security officer, the staff in patient registration and our in-patient nursing staff and other ancillary staff who are also working the night shift.

Do you have a patient care experience that you would like to share with me?
There are so many but the general feel good experiences for me are when we've helped out a sick, frightened and tired child. It's priceless to see them on the way out of the ED, smiling, asking for a sticker or eating a freeze pop...those are the experiences that stick with me.

The mission of the Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Emergency Department is to provide timely and exceptional care. With our 30-minute pledge, our goal is for a provider to see every patient within 30 minutes of their arrival. Delivering the highest quality care remains the hospital’s number one goal. In 2012, the BMLH Emergency Department received the 4-star award from Professional Research Consultants (PRC), recognized for being in the top 25% of hospitals across the country for patients’ satisfaction with their overall quality of care.