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Every Picture Tells a Story

October 03, 2013

Michelle Holmgren, Public Affairs & Community Relations Specialist
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Ware, MA (September 26, 2013) Whether checking for a broken bone or a dislocation, arthritis, an infection such as pneumonia, or some types of cancer, x-ray imaging has led to improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions in children and adults. Each year, an estimated 7 out of 10 Americans will have an x-ray taken; and at Baystate Mary Hospital, technologists will perform more than 15,000 exams.
The technology of conventional x- rays has changed dramatically over time and in the last 10 years digital technology has become widely used, adding to the clarity and quality of images taken. At the same time, the amount of radiation needed to produce an x-ray image has been reduced. Just as with photography, the flexibility offered by digital imaging, plus the reduction in film use and associated disposal costs, have been additional gains. The way images are now taken, viewed and stored is more efficient and effective all the way around.


Baystate Mary Lane Hospital has a wide variety of medical imaging technologies in its Radiology Department. Thanks in part to a recent pledge of $100,000 from Country Bank, BMLH recently made significant upgrades to the general radiography unit. The new equipment provides superior x–ray images, stores them electronically, and allows for easy sharing of electronic files.

Chair of Radiology at BMLH, Dr. Steve Allen, noted that, “This new technology provides higher resolution pictures which we are able to view on the computer in the department, store electronically, and share with our medical colleagues – through the electronic medical record – so that we can quickly work together to make a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment. This technology also increases the time staff spend interacting directly with their patients instead of going back and forth the between offices with images. So, it benefits patients in many ways.”


“We are grateful for the continuing support of Country Bank,” said Chuck Gijanto, president of BMLH, “and recognize the impact which the bank’s long history of support has had on our ability to fulfill our mission. Country Bank has long been a trusted friend and supporter of Baystate Mary Lane Hospital and over the past years has donated more than $700,000 to the hospital for various projects and campaigns. They are also a gold/presenting sponsor of the Annual Walk of Champions to raise funds for cancer services provided at the hospital,” said Gijanto. “In addition to the bank’s financial support, Country Bank employees volunteer countless hours participating in hospital events, working closely with our Community Benefit Advisory Committee.”