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Archived Updates

6/29/12 -  Lupus testing changes


6/21/12 -  Marketing form for Giardia antigen


08/05/11 - Important Changes to HIV Testing Policy


12/02/09 - Letter regarding H1N1 testing for O&P.


10/09/09 - Here is a link to a video clip from New England Journal of Medicine that addresses technique of collecting nasopharyngeal swabs.


9/22/09 - Revised Guidelines: Specimen Collection for Influenza A and B Antigen (FLU)
& RSV Antigen Testing


7/21/09 - Hematology Update: PT and PTT Specimen Handling Requirements (eff. July 1, 2009


4/14/09 - Specimen Collection for RSV Antigen & Influenza A and B Antigen (FLU) Testing


2/23/09 - A Change in Reporting PT and INR Results