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A Service of Baystate Medical Center


Meet Our Doctors


Services include:
  • Consultative care for vascular problems


  • Surgery
    • Bypasses
    • Endarterectomies (removing plaque from arteries)
    • Arterial repair
    • Aneurysm repair
    • Vein stripping
    • Skin grafting and other wound care  
  • New Procedures
  • Office Procedures
    • Vein Care
    • Sclerotherapy for varicose and spider veins
    • Endovenous laser treatment
    • Phlebectomy

We participate in most insurance programs offered in our area. If you have any questions about whether your specific health plan covers our services, please call the toll-free number on the back of your insurance member ID card.


If you have commercial insurance coverage, primary or secondary, we will submit a claim to your insurance carrier. You are responsible for all balances due after your insurance company pays its portion, as well as for any co-payments required by your insurance company at the time of the visit.


If you are concerned about billing or have a question about acceptable insurance, please call one of the following numbers.


  • For Physician Billing – (413) 794-5700


  • For Hospital Billing – (413) 794-9999