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Websites for Kids

ALT Fun & education links for kids, teens & parents (these sites are not maintained by Baystate Health) ALT
American Brain Tumor Association - This site provides basic brain tumor information for children, and is a place for kids who want to know about other kids, and this site provides educational activities such as crossword puzzles, word search, word scrambles
FDA Kids Site - You'll find fun games, links & more for kids on this site by Food & Drug Administration
healthfinderĀ® KIDS - is a fun site for kids with games, art contests & more!  This site is by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Health Information for Teens - This site by the Food & Drug Admin offers health information for teens
Kids Health - This site includes children's health and parenting information including information on infections, behavior, emotions, food & fitness, and information on growing up healthy.  This site also includes cool games and animations!
PBS Kids - click on this link through (PBS Online) to access for games, music, stories and more!!!
PBS Kids Go! - click on this link through (PBS Online)  to access various PBS sites including Its Its My Life, Backyard Jungle & more!!!
PBS Parents - click on this link through (PBS Online) to find parenting advice, games and activities for children
Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls! -  a fun and interactive site for girls to learn important of bone health.  Includes games, links & more. 
Street Smart Game - Click on this game by the American Red Cross. Two or more people can play.  The first Cautious Kid to arrive home wins the game.