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Baystate Health is proud to recognize the following 

honorees for improving the lives of our patients and families 

with quality and compassion!



Angela Anderson, Hospice Home Care Aide III, BVNAH

Laurie Anti, Hospice RN, BVNAH

Kathleen Arroyo, Sr. Technologist, BCP Radiation Therapy

Betsy Arseneau, Child Life Specialist II, Pediatric Shared Services

Mary Bakowski, Hospice RN, BVNAH

Marcus Barrows, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Charles Brown, CNRP - RN III, ICU/Daly 4B

Judith Brown, CNRP - RN II, Emergency Services

Melissa Buxton, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Kyle Cahoon, Child Life Specialist I, Pediatric Shared Services

Maria Carter, Hospice Home Care Aide III, BVNAH

Kimberly Coache, CNRP - RN III, Labor & Delivery

Patricia Coffin, RN, Emergency Dept.

Fay Dandurand, CNRP - RN III, Obs-North 2

Dr. Demosthenes Dasco, MD, Retired

Maureen Fitzgerald, CNRP - RN II, Obs-North 2

Donna Fleming, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Kathy Fleuriel, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Glenda Flynn, NP, BMERF Division of Surgical Oncology

Lucy Francisco-Morton, CNRP - RN II, Flex Team

Robin Glidden, Hospice RN II, BVNAH

Dr. Thomas Gorman, MD, BMERF FMC Emergency Dept.

Dr. Gerald Green, MD, BMERF Pulmonary

Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, MD, New England Orthopedic Surgeons

Ellen Guyer, Technologist, BCP Radiation Therapy

Carol Hawkes, Hospice Home Care Aide, BVNAH

Jennifer Herman, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Jennifer Huckins-Borelli, Hospice Home Care Aide II, BVNAH

Karen Illig, Hospice Home Care Aide III, BVNAH

Jodi Kashouh, RN, Heart Failure Clinical Coordinator, Springfield 4

Rose Ladue, Hospice Home Care Aide III, BVNAH

Michelle Lempke, Oncology Nurse Clinician, BCP Infusion Services

Dr. Kelly Lynch, MD, Baystate Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Julio Martinez-Silvestrini, MD, Baystate Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sharol Menard, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Anna Michaud, Hospice RN II, BVNAH

Judy Miller, Self Pay Rep II, Self Pay Follow-Up/Customer Services

Talisha Moore, PCT II, Wesson 4

Stephanie Oleksak, CNRP - RN III, Wesson 4

Edward Ouellette, Technologist, BCP Radiation Therapy

Persephone Pappanikou, CNRP - RN I, Springfield 4

Sara Phaneuf, CNRP - RN II, Flex Team

Arnaldo Rivera, PCT I, Springfield 4

Dr. John Rousou, MD, Retired

Cheryl Ruta, Medical Surgical RN, BVNAH

Elizabeth Shaheen, CNRP - RN III, ICU/Daly 4B

Greg Shea, PT II, BFMC Rehab - Inpatient

Linda Smith, CNRP - RN II, MLH Emergency Dept.

Joan Treiber, CNRP - RN IV, Labor & Delivery

Julie Walko, CNRP - RN II, CICU/PCU                      

Lauren Webb, PCT II, Outpatient


Cardiac Department

Cardiac staff

Child Life Team

CICU BMC nurses

Emergency Department

ER and PICU staff

5th floor

The whole ICU staff

Medical Personnel

Nurses and Techs on Springfield 4