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Summer Student Scholar Projects - 2011

Student / Institution Faculty Name/Research Project
Caroline Adams
UMass Amherst
Robert Zoeller, PhD
Thyroid Hormone Action in the Early Embryo
Joshua Class
Howard University College of Medicine
Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH
Determining the Impact of Defensive Medicine on Hospital Medicine Costs
Sonal Desai
UMass Amherst
Rolf Karlstrom,PhD
Hh/Gli Signaling in Post-Embryonic Pituitary Growth and Tumorigenesis
Anna Fedorowycz
UMass Amherst
Barry Braun, PhD
Effects of Prolonged Sitting on Cardiometabolic Health
Kevin Johnson
UMass Amherst
Alan Schneyer, PhD
Insulin Signaling in Fat, Muscle and Liver
Rithika Kulathila
UMass Amherst
Jerry Meyer, PhD
Effects of Repeated MDMA and/or THC of Regional Glutamate Signaling in the Brain
Julia Shinnick
Mount Holyoke College
Oz Harmanli, MD/Keisha Jones, MD
Surgical Outcomes in Patients 80 and Older in Non-cardiac Surgery