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Summer Student Scholar Projects - 2009

Medical Student / Medical School Faculty Name/Research Project
Ozaire Awais
Tufts University School of Medicine
Chrystal Wittcopp, MD
Birthplace and Acculturation among Puerto Rican Women: Associations with Child Weight and Eating Habits at Age 2
Undergraduate Student/ Institution Faculty Name/ Research Project
Alexandra Bertagnolli
Middlebury College
Geoffrey Capraro, MD
Characteristics of Prospective evaluation of testicular oxygenation in health and in the setting of acute pain
Elyse Linson
Emory University
Howard Smithline, MD
Reliability Study of Phosphocreatine Recovery Using MR Spectroscopy
Firdaus Dawood
Barnard College
Heather Sankey, MD
Episiotomy rates with vaginal delivery over a 9-year time period
Iris Ilarslan
Iowa State University
Oz Harmanli, MD
Women's perceptions, preconceptions, and knowledge about female genital organs and their function
Amar Shere
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Matthew Davidson, PhD
Maternal Exercise Effects on Stress Reactivity in Offspring
Alex Weiner
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jerrold Meyer, PhD
Effects of MDMA Exposure on Mitochondrial Respiration in Synaptosomes
Justin Bleil
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Philip Henneman, MD
Studying the process of verifying patient identity with eye tracking and patient simulation
Anna Eboch
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Donna Fisher, MD
Incidence of MRSA infection in pediatric inpatient admissions for skin and soft tissue infections-the changing epidemiology