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Inventions Available for License




Balloon Endoscope Device
Invention BH-005

Jerry Khachi, MD

An improved tool for endoscopic surgery that provides the surgeon with greater maneuverability and powerful dissection capabilities, particularly useful for surgeries involving small incisions.

Assays for Detecting and Identifying Agents for Treating Male Infertility
Invention BH-012
Daniel Grow, MD
Teru Jellerette, PhD
A potential diagnostic test to detect male infertility in sperm samples, based on the discovery that the protein phospholipase C-zeta may be the factor in sperm that determines success of fertilization and egg activation.

For more information about any of these inventions, contact:

Todd Keiller, MBA
Director, Office of Technology Transfer
Division of Academic Affairs
Baystate Medical Center
v 508.395.4221