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ResearchMatch Overview

ALTBaystate Medical Center is a member of the Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which is a participant of the Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA)) sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.


ResearchMatch is a project that the CTSA has developed to promote participation in research and to help make research work better. ResearchMatch is a not-for-profit registry of volunteers who are willing to learn more about and participate in research studies. The goal of ResearchMatch is to bring together the needs of the volunteer with the needs of the researcher in a secure and convenient way.

How ResearchMatch Works

  • Participants register on-line by providing their interests, health information, and information about where they live.
  • Researchers from Baystate Medical Center sign a Researchmatch Acknowledgement Form allowing them to register their research studies on ResearchMatch.
  • ResearchMatch pairs the registry participant with the investigator to facilitate the match.

Why ResearchMatch?

Research is a way to discover knowledge that can have a positive impact on the health of society. Each study requires a specific number of participants to make the outcome valid. Studies may end early because volunteers are not aware of studies being offered. ResearchMatch is a tool to bridge this gap.

Who Can Join ResearchMatch?

All individuals interested can join ResearchMatch without any obligation to participate in any specific study or at any specific time. Many studies are only for healthy volunteers while others are for a specified disease process or illness. ResearchMatch helps match you with the type of research study that fits well for you, ranging from surveys to clinical studies. Once a study looks good for you, ResearchMatch will give you the choice to pursue it or not.


Visit the ResearchMatch FAQs page.

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