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Jeanne M. Lukanich, MD

Surgery Department   Image  
Thoracic Surgery Division
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, Tufts University School of Medicine
2 Medical Center Drive, Suite 205
Springfield, MA 01107
  • Thoracic Surgery Fellowship
    University of Toronto
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • General Surgery Residency
    Queen's University
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • General Surgery Residency
    University of Toronto
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
    Baltimore, MD
  • Fridrich P, Colvin HP, Zizza A, Wasan AD, Lukanich J, Lirk P, Saria A, Zernig G, Hamp T, Gerner P. Phase 1A safety assessment of intravenous amitriptyline. J Pain 2007;8(7):549-55.
  • Feller-Kopman D, Lukanich JM, Shapira G, Kolodny U, Schori B, Edenfield H, Temelkuran B, Ernst A, Schindel Y, Fink Y, Fox J, Bueno R. Gas flow during bronchoscopic ablation therapy causes gas emboli to the heart: a comparative animal study. Chest 2008;133(4)892-6.
  • Cooley ME, Sarna L, Kotlerman J, Lukanich JM, Jaklitsch M, Green SB, Bueno R. Smoking cessation is challenging even for patients recovering from lung cancer with curative intent. Lung Cancer 2009;66(2):218-25.