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Psychiatry Residency Curriculum

The psychiatry residency curriculum is designed to progressively guide you in developing the clinical skills, knowledge base, and professionalism essential to becoming a well-rounded, empathic, and effective psychiatrist. Residents are encouraged to identify individual interests throughout training, and devote half-time effort to approved electives in PGY-4. Upon completion of the residency, you will be comfortable pursing independent clinical practice or fellowship training.

Year 1

2 months 1 month 1 month 2 months 3 months 1 month 1 month 1 month
Internal Medicine Ambulatory Medicine Emergency Medicine Neurology Inpatient Psychiatry Geriatric Psychiatry Substance Abuse Emergency Psychiatry

Year 2

6 months 3 months 3 months
Inpatient Psychiatry Consultation Psychiatry

3/4 time Child Partial Hospital

1/4 time Outpatient Psychiatry
(50% Child; 50% Adult)

Year 3

12 months

Outpatient Psychiatry (80% Adult; 20% Child)

Forensic Psychiatry (1 day/week for 1 month)

Year 4

12 months

1/2 time Outpatient Psychiatry

1/2 time Elective  Outpatient Psychiatry (12 months—half-time), Elective: Chief Residencies, Consultation Psychiatry, Combat-related PTSD, Women's Mental Health, Administrative Psych, Student Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, Research (12 months—half-time)

* Electives

Student Mental Health Treatment, Emergency Psychiatry, Administrative Psychiatry, Psychiatry Research, Chief Residency. Residents may develop an elective experience in other areas in collaboration with a mentor and the residency program director.


Note : Each year includes 4 weeks of vacation.