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Day in the Life of a Pediatrics PG2 Resident

1 day in the life of a second year resident on an elective...

6:35 am Alarm goes off, time to get up!  Take my two dogs outside.  Make coffee and eat oatmeal with my husband while reviewing the infectious disease patient list.  I'm able to see patient's morning labs and any new consults that might have been added overnight.  Get ready, and head into the hospital.
8:15 Arrive at hospital.  Print the patient list, say "hi" to my friends on the wards and go see the ID consults on our list.  The list isn't too busy right now, so there are only four patients for me to see.  I check in with the nurses to see about any overnight events, talk to the patient's families and do my exam.  I answer some of the parent's questions about antibiotics.
9:15 My ID attending pages me to run the list over the phone.  We make plans to meet up to round in about 10 minutes.
9:25 I meet my attending in the NICU to see our first consult there.  After we round in the NICU, we head up to Infant's and Children's.  We see two patients on the floor, and then finish our rounds with our patient in the PICU.  After we round, my attending and I meet up with the different care teams to give them our recommendations.  We have a few minutes, so we sit down and discuss different classes of antibiotics and their uses that are pertinent to our patient's at this time.  I start on some of my notes for the day.
11:30 It is time for intake!  I go to the conference room on the floor which is where we have our weekly "intake."  A resident will present a case and ask questions to the different residents and attendings.  The intake today is about retropharyngeal abscesses, an ID case!  My friends and I are able to answer the questions correctly.
12:00 I finish up the rest of my notes and grab a snack in the cafeteria.  It6's now time for me to head to my continuity clinic.
1:00 I see patient's in my continuity schedule.  Several of them are ones I know that are coming to me for follow up, but I also am seeing some new patient visits, too!
5:50 I finish up my clinic notes and head home!  I change quickly into my work-out gear and make it just in time for a zumba class with my fellow second year pedi resident.  It is a lot of fun and a great way to end the day!
6:45 Arrive home, and see that my husband has started preparing dinner.  We eat together, then take our dogs for a long walk through our neighborhood.
8:30 Fold some laundry and start reading one of the articles for Thursday conference.  My husband and I sit on the couch with our dogs and watch some TV.
10:00 Time for bed!  Set my alarm for the next day, and go to sleep.