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Day in the Life of a Pediatrics PG2 Resident

1 day in the life of the morning admit senior...

6:00 am Wake up, take a quick shower and pack my lunch for work. Feed my kitty Coco.
6:45 Leave the apartment.
7:00 Arrive at work and log into the on-call pager, check for messages from the admit pager for any pending admissions- there are none! I will wait until the teams are finished with morning handover to see if the senior resident knows of any pending admissions. In the meantime, I grab a cup of coffee and review the case I will present this afternoon at intake.
8:00 Still no admissions, so I print out handouts for patients I will see in clinic this afternoon and review their charts.
9:30 Pager goes off! ER calling for admission of a child with new onset seizure. The other teams are rounding. I see the child in the ER and put in admission orders. I precept with Dr. Harvey after rounds are finished. Give neurology a call for a consult and give a heads up to the resident on neurology elective who is sitting beside me in the resident library. Finish my admission note and handover form.
11:00 Do my daily 5 board questions online and read explanations of answers. I also have part of my home packed lunch.
11:30 Present my intake to the floor teams, attendings, directors and subspecialists (today's topic is chlamydia trachomatis pneumonia in infants).
12:00 pm I sign out my new onset seizure patient to the intern on call today. I meet up with the after admit senior to let her know there are no pending admissions and sign my pager out to her.
12:15 Head to continuity clinic at 140 High Street.
12:30 Meet in the conference room with the other residents having clinic and our preceptor to discuss patients we will see this afternoon - I have a snack as well!
1:00 See clinic patients- there are 7 on my schedule and maybe an 8th because a sibling of one of my patients is coming into urgent care for a fever!
5:00 Head home, call my boyfriend and let him know I'm out of clinic.
5:30 Start making dinner and finishing clinic notes.
6:15 Finish dinner, throw in a load of laundry, clean Coco's litter box and head to my boyfriend's softball game.
10:30 Head to bed to get rested for the morning!!!