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Day in the Life of a Pediatrics PG1 Resident

6:00 am Wake up, ready for another day back in NICU.
6:15 Eat a quick breakfast, shower, check the news for the day and head out to work.
7:00 Arrive in NICU and get sign out from overnight intern.  Two admissions overnight and a scheduled C-section later in the day for a woman at 26 weeks gestation.
7:30 Scrub in for the day and pre-round all of my patients in the NICU and Continuing Care Nursery.  Gather daily weights, intake and output and touch base with all the nurses about any overnight concerns or problems.
8:30 Nutrition lecture from NICU nutritionist.  Suddenly all of the numbers, calories and parenteral nutrition orders make sense!
9:30 Begin rounds with senior resident and NICU attending.  We decide to wean a baby from her ventilator and try her out on a high flow nasal cannula.  We start another patient on antibiotics for presumed sepsis.  We run into the NICU ophthalmologist and go over a patient’s eye exam who has retinopathy of prematurity.
10:30 Finish rounds, get two twins ready to discharge home with their parents after a 3 week stay.  Start ordering parenteral nutrition for some babies, and finish entering orders on all patients.
11:30 Head down to the simulation center with all of the residents.  It’s my turn to lead the simulation, this case happens to be neonatal hypoglycemia.  We run through the scenario with a simulated newborn that has breath sounds, heart sounds and pulses! Following the simulation, we discuss with the neonatologist, nurse and chief residents what went well, what could have gone better and how to improve for actual patient care.
12:00 pm Grab a quick lunch before we are set to go to the delivery room to care for the very preterm infant scheduled to be delivered due to a mother with severe preeclampsia.
1:00 NICU Pager goes off, report to OR2 for a 26 weeker about to be delivered.
1:02 Arrive in delivery room with respiratory therapist, nurse practitioner and neonatologist.  The baby is born and we slip him into a thermal bag, get him some supplemental oxygen and bring him upstairs for further care.
3:00 Finish admission note, progress notes, adjust fluids on new admission to ensure baby’s sugars are well-controlled and work with respiratory therapy to find the right ventilator settings.  Meet with baby’s father and nurse to discuss plans and expectations.
5:00 Sign Out to Long Call intern and get ready to leave for the day.
6:00 Cook a well-deserved dinner and catch up on an article about a blood disorder one of my NICU patients has.
7:30 Call a friend back home and catch up on the week, make some plans for the upcoming weekend I have off.
8:30 Grab a snack and catch some TV.
10:00 Off to bed to get ready for another day!