Pediatrics Residency Continuity Clinic Curriculum

The resident continuity clinic is held at High Street Health Center Pediatrics in the heart of downtown Springfield.  Each resident is part of a team that includes pediatric faculty, nurses and medical assistants.  We also have on site social workers, case managers, and interpreters.

Our continuity program provides our residents with the opportunity to observe the physical, developmental and emotional growth of children over the course of their three years here at Baystate Children's Hospital.  Each resident follows a personal panel of children from birth to 21 years of age with diverse medical and/or social


problems.  The concept of patient continuity is taken very seriously and there are systemwide efforts to ensure this occurs.  Some ways to accomplish this is taking a team approach to continuity, resident booking,  tracking and following-up of improperly booked appointments.


The health center is open each weekday morning and afternoon, with urgent care visits available in the evening Monday through Thursday and on Saturday mornings at our 3300 Main Street office.  During inpatient rotations, the residents spend one session per week in continuity clinic while during all other rotations, they spend two sessions per week.


Off-Site Second Continuity Sessions

At the beginning of the second year, residents can opt to take the second continuity session of the week in an off-site setting. Many of the second and third year residents have chosen to participate. These sites may include private practices or subspecialty clinics. In past years, residents have spent time working in the pediatric HIV clinic, the pediatric hematology-oncology clinic, the pediatric endocrinology clinic, growth and nutrition clinic and Job Corps, to name a few. Off-site experience gives residents exposure to different approaches used by practitioners in different clinical settings.