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Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Conferences & Retreats

In addition to the core conference series each parent department offers, the Med-Peds residents and faculty get together three times every month for educational and programmatic meetings.  Two Med-Peds Rounds occur each month, where core topics are reviewed as well as evidence based CATs (critically appraised topics) and reviews of developmental pediatric topics.  As well, the med-peds residency committee meets once a month to review programmatic improvements.

The program directors hosts a fall and a spring Med-Peds retreat each year at their homes.  Residents gather for 1- 2 hours to discuss programmatic issues, recruitment and pearls of wisdom from our upperclassmen to our interns to perhaps make residency easier for them.  This is followed by a dining and social event for the remainder of the retreat.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents to gather and socialize as a group.