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Week in the Life of a Primary Care Resident

Primary Care Residents 2013
Residents in the 2013 Primary Care Program


It’s going to be a long day! Glad I had the weekend off!

6:00 am Time to wake up!
7:30 Ambulatory morning report at High Street
8:30 Allergy subspecialty elective at a private practice in Northampton
1:00 pm Geriatrics subspecialty elective – meet back at the hospital.  Today, one of the other residents and I are going on a home visit of a patient we both know from High Street.
5 - 8:00 Continuity clinic at High Street. Nice to see some of my co-residents here!


6:00 am Good morning!
7:30 Ambulatory morning report.  Today I’m presenting a randomized controlled trial to my peers.
8:30 - noon Community project time.  Off to the nursing home to discuss the aging process and end of life issues with some residents of the facility.
1 - 5:00 pm Academic Half-Day.  The theme for today is Pulmonary Diseases – we will discuss the most recent research in COPD and analyze pulmonary function tests.
5 - 6:30 Just going to run into the library and do a little reading and some MCQs to prepare for my in-training exam.


8:00 am Wake up!  Nice to sleep in because I have the morning off today.
9:00 Dentist appointment
10:30 Haircut
1 - 5:00 pm Oncology clinic at the D’Amour Cancer Center.  Really seeing the intersection between primary care and oncology here.
6:00 Nice long run
7:30 - 8:30 Saw some interesting cases today in oncology, I think I’ll read up on cancer screening techniques.


7:30 am Ambulatory morning report
8:15 - noon Endocrinology clinic
1 - 5:00 pm Nephrology clinic
6:00 pm Gonna hit the gym – almost the end of the week!


7:30 am Ambulatory morning report
8:00 - noon Continuity clinic at High Street (AM session).   Excited to see my team today! This morning the patient  I saw at the beginning of the week in a home visit is coming in for follow-up.
1 - 5:00 pm Continuity clinic at High Street (PM session)
6:00 pm Out for dinner and drinks with friends in Northampton


Saturday I’m on Jeopardy today – I hope I don’t get called in but I have a lot of errands I can run within an hour’s distance from the hospital so I will keep my mind occupied. Just have to remember to take my pager and pack my scrubs in my car! It will also be good to catch up on some reading today so I better bring my books along.
Sunday Today I get to just relax!  Spend time with family, worship,  and our resident softball team has a double-header today!  What a great day off!