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Sample Primary Care Rotation Schedule

"I love the focus on making our curriculum what we want it to be (our sub-specialties in particular) and how everyone in the PC program helps us achieve our goals. It's such a great group of people ... I couldn't be happier that I chose the PC program at Baystate."

—PGY2 Primary Care resident

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(Subject to Change)

Primary care residents spend significantly more time in ambulatory settings than their categorical counterparts. Formative experiences on the hospital wards, critical care units, and emergency department will help residents develop the diverse skills needed to be an accomplished internist.  Alternating 2-week ambulatory and inpatient experiences help to maximize continuity and eliminate competing priorities. Through our Learner-Manager-Teacher Model, residents progress from a high degree of supervision to an increasing amount of autonomy.

PGY-1 "Primary Care Learner"

Ambulatory and Electives*

"Learner" Ward Medicine

Ward Night Float

Critical Care

Emergency Medicine 

4-5 blocks

3-4 blocks

1 block

2 blocks

 1 block (for DO's)

PGY-2 "Primary Care Manager" 

Ambulatory and Electives*

"Manager" Ward Medicine

Ward Night Float

Critical Care

Consult Medicine

Quality Improvement

7 blocks

2 blocks

1 block

1 block 

½ block

½ block

PGY-3 "Primary Care Teacher" 

Ambulatory and Electives*

"Teacher" Ward Medicine

Critical Care

Consult Medicine

7-8 blocks

2-3 blocks

1 block

1 block

Ambulatory and Elective Rotations*

Residents spend the majority of time on ambulatory blocks. Experiences change with post-graduate year and individual interests.

  • Continuity Clinic
    Residents will be assigned a panel of patients whom they will follow over their three years. Home base for our residents is High Street Health Center (HSHC), a Level 3 NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home which services over 10,000patients.
  • Longitudinal Subspecialty Elective Experiences
    Core electives are offered in addition to “second sites” and non-traditional electives that can be customized to meet resident interests. Continuity sites are located in highly functional practices in Springfield and surrounding areas, allowing experiences in urban and rural areas as well as socio-economically diverse communities.  Residents attend these experiences for a half-day each week during ambulatory blocks.
  • Community Project
    Residents become involved in the community to better understand and advocate for their patient population, to develop an appreciation for available resources and services and to serve the community in which we practice.

Sample Week on an Ambulatory Block









Community Project Time



Continuity Clinic




Half Day*


Private Practice

Primary Care

(Second site)

Continuity Clinic



Continuity Clinic


* Academic Half Day occurs on most blocks and is a protected, dedicated educational session for all categorical and primary care residents on Tuesday afternoons.