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Internal Medicine Residency Curriculum

Our Internal Medicine programs provide residents with a strong foundation to succeed as an internist or a subspecialist. Our Learner-Manager-Teacher Model is the foundation upon which our curricula are built. 

Our programs provide robust general medicine and subspecialty learning experiences that focus on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential to a general internist.  All residents receive additional training in leadership, research, teamwork and collaboration, teaching skills, quality improvement and simulation.

Categorical Program

Our Internal Medicine 3-year categorical residency program provides a challenging, intellectual environment with a flexible curriculum and broad experience necessary for residents to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to excel in the practice of internal medicine and its subspecialties.  (Sample categorical rotation schedule | Day in the Life of a categorical resident)

Primary Care Program

This 3-year program runs parallel with the categorical program and is designed for residents who plan to dedicate their careers to adult ambulatory medicine. A careful balance of supervision and autonomy will assist residents in providing effective, efficient and equitable care to adult populations in any setting. A blend of community medicine, subspecialty continuity experiences and primary care affords a rich and unique training experience. An innovative schedule creates unique opportunities for development.  (Sample primary care rotation schedule | Week in the Life of a primary care resident)