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Internal Medicine Residency Conferences

Daily Conferences


7:30 am Morning Report
9:00 Pathology Morning Report (3rd Monday)
12:00 pm

Core Curriculum Noon Conference 

  • 1st Mon-Journal Club
  • 2nd Mon-Schwartz Center Rounds
  • 3rd Mon-M&M
1:00 Simulation Lab


7:30 am Morning Report
8:00 Behavioral Medicine Curriculum @ High Street Health Center
12:00 pm Core Curriculum Noon Conference
12:45 Ambulatory Morning Report-Clinic
1:00 Simulation Lab


8:00 am Medical Grand Rounds
12:00 pm

Residency Program Meetings

  • 1st Wed-Chief Residents' Business Meeting
  • 2nd Wed-Residency Committee Meeting
  • 3rd Wed-Cultural Diversity
  • 4th Wed-Hospital Medicine and/or Ambulatory
    Program-Based QI/Practice-Based QI
1:00 Intern Intake Rounds w/Chief Residents


7:30 am Morning Report
12:00 pm Core Curriculum Noon Conference
1:00 Simulation Lab


7:30 am

Morning Report; Journal Club

  • last Friday-Jeopardy
12:00 pm  Core Curriculum Noon Conference - Board Review

Annual/Semi-Annual Conferences

Intern Retreats

Semi-annually, interns are relieved of their responsibilities and meet with the Program Directors at an outside location to discuss the experiences of internship, career growth, and other pertinent topics of their choosing. Themes include "Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family", and "Becoming Supervisors/Leadership."

Resident Retreats

Residents are relieved of their responsibilities and meet with the firm Directors at an outside location for their annual retreat. Topics are career options, practice management and taking care of one another and the program along with other topics. Themes include: " Team Work", "Leadership","Career Planning/Job Skills" & Research. 

Clinic Conferences

  • Monday & Friday: Common Diseases
  • Tuesday: Social Services & Practice Management
  • Thursday: Cross Cultural Medicine/End-of-Life Case Conference
  • Tuesday & Friday: Ambulatory Morning Report
  • Monday through Friday: Post-Clinic Conference
  • The General Medicine/Geriatrics Division also participates in Morning Report, organizes the regular resident noon conference schedule and recently established its own weekly ambulatory medicine Morning Reports and Medical Grand Rounds.