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Message from the Emergency Medicine Program Director

ALTEmergency medicine is the most challenging and rewarding of all medical specialties with much to offer: a fast pace, a flexible lifestyle, and a great sense of fulfillment.  The primary goal of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program is to help you become the best, most well-rounded emergency medicine specialist. We achieve this goal in several ways:


I am a firm believer that the best place to learn emergency medicine is in an emergency department.  That is why we have 19 of your 24 rotations as a 2nd and 3rd year resident in the Emergency department.  Additionally, the best way to learn while in the emergency department is by seeing a lot of sick patients.  We have that covered, too.  In short, we are extremely busy.  You will never be left wishing that there were more patients to be seen.  You will never get bored on your shifts in our ED.  It’s not just that it is busy, but there is an incredible diversity of acute trauma patients, acute medical illness, and pediatric cases to work with. 

Our New, Expanded Emergency Department is Completed

This is an exciting time for us at Baystate.  We are in the final stages of a several year construction project of a new 70,000 square foot ED--3½ times the size of the current ED--and with nearly double the number of treatment areas, will include a separate pediatric triage and treatment area, an urgent care center, and a separate area for behavioral health. The new Emergency Department opened on December 3, 2012.

Baystate is a 663 bed medical center that serves as the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Western Massachusetts, with the Emergency Department having over 115,000 visits annually. As the region's tertiary care referral center, Baystate offers exposure to diverse pathology and the procedures and techniques associated with the world's most advanced medical centers. On-site X-Ray facilities, laboratories, and specially equipped operating rooms are dedicated solely for emergency and trauma care.

We also have outstanding ultrasound and simulation programs.  All of our faculty are certified in emergency ultrasound and are available to teach you the finer points about performing ultrasounds in real time.  When you are done with your residency, you will have enough logged ultrasounds to be certified in emergency ultrasound.  We have a state of the art simulation center that is frequently used as an augmentation to our curriculum.  All ED residents participate in simulation several times per year.


Baystate Medical Center is the site of the Department of Emergency Medicine for Tufts University School of Medicine. Dr. Niels Rathlev is the Chair of our department. For recognition of the reputation of our faculty and its commitment to educational excellence, the chairman of the Emergency Department also serves as the chairman of the medical school's department of emergency medicine. As such, this is the only chairmanship of the medical school outside of the Boston area.

Our clinical departments are home to 257 residents in nine departments. With the exception of the community EM experience and elective months, all rotations are completed in a single institution, thus maintaining the program's educational integrity and providing convenience for our residents. All of our residents and faculty members hold Tufts academic appointments.


Because of the extremely challenging pace of emergency medicine, we emphasize a balance between your career and your involvement in family and community life. Physician wellness is stressed to enable you to meet the physical and psychological challenges you will face in your career. We offer a balanced schedule to try to optimize your time at the hospital and away from it.  Allowing you time to pursue your life outside of medicine, as well as the time to optimize your education.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to help you develop the clinical, academic, and personal skills you will need to ensure enjoyment in your professional and personal endeavors. We look forward to meeting you and invite you to visit us, tour our facilities, and meet our faculty.


Ben Osborne, MD
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency